Smart Order Router

Dextr caters to both novice and experienced traders alike. Designed to optimize the trading experience by leveraging a mix of Reputation-based AMM (RAMM), internal order books, and connections to external DEXes. Let's dive into how Dextr stands out in the DeFi space. There are two modes of the Dextr dapp:

1. Degen Mode

  • User interface for simple swaps

  • Mimics the interface of swap-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

2. Pro Mode

  • Includes trading charts, limit orders, market orders, and open orders.

  • Mimics the interface of centralized exchanges (CEXs)

Order Routing Process

Dextr ensures efficient and secure trade execution via a smart routing system. Order matching starts with RAMMs. If liquidity or prices fall short, order matching shifts to the internal order book and eventually to external DEXs for broader reach. Settlement with the Dynamic AMM is reserved for token pairs with oracle price feeds, while pairs without oracles find matches within existing limit orders. This layered approach maximizes execution opportunities.

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